8 Ways to Start Incorporating Smart Home Technology

8 Ways to Start Incorporating Smart Home Technology

  • Betsy Phillips
  • 05/23/22

What is smart home technology?

As a kid, did you ever watch movies like Back to the Future and daydream about all the possibilities of technology in the modern world? 

We’re starting to live out some of those dreams with smart home technology. Essentially, smart home devices help you complete tasks and chores around your home more easily, faster, and more efficiently.

When to incorporate it? 

It’s easier to start incorporating smart technology during a renovation or new move, but you can start implementing it whenever you want. If you’re moving into a house with smart devices already installed, make sure you delete the accounts of the previous owners and sign into your own new accounts.

Where to start?

Nowadays, there are so many smart home devices to choose from that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start.

Here are some essentials you can prioritize getting started with:

1. Smart speakers

Speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant are a great place to start when first implementing smart tech into your home. These sleek little speakers do much more than play your favorite music. They have a voice assistant support that you can talk to you and ask about the weather, or you can give it commands such as to set a timer or alarm. You can also get answers to random questions you usually type into Google. 

This can come in especially handy when you are in the kitchen and need to ask questions like: How long do I bake chicken for? How many ounces are in a gallon? Etc.

You can also sync smart speakers to your calendar and ask the assistant what your schedule is for today. Of course, the speakers also connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth and can play your music, podcasts, etc., while you go throughout your day.

2. Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are changing the way we heat and cool our homes. With the ability to be controlled from your phone on an app, you can control them from anywhere. 

This means that next time you go on vacation and forget to turn the heat or AC off, you can do it from wherever you are. No more stress. 

With some smart thermostats, you can even automate your temperatures to certain times of day. For example, if you want to turn your heat off while you’re at work, you can program it to automatically turn off at 9 am and turn back on at 5 pm, when you get home.

3. Smart security 

Security is always a worthwhile investment, and the technology has significantly upgraded in recent years.  

Smart home security cameras such as the Google Nest Cam will send live and recorded footage of what’s happening at your door to your smartphone or cloud storage. That way, you always know what’s happening at home, even when you’re not there. 

It can send you alerts of activity in the home and offer special features like face tagging, geofencing, and two-way communication. 

Smart doorbells and cameras like Ring offer a smart, simple way to know who’s at the door or to check if your package is delivered. It also allows you to talk to the person at your doorstep and records and saves footage that can be streamed from your smartphone.

4. Smart cleaners

If you’re someone who loves having clean floors but don’t have the time and energy to vacuum daily, a robot vacuum is for you. Yes, we now have actual robots in our homes, cleaning up after your pets that like to play and nap on your carpets. 

Smart vacuums like the Roomba guarantee to avoid pet waste and also have a self-emptying base, which means you rarely have to do anything at all.

5. Smart lighting 

Smart light bulbs are revolutionizing how we control lighting and conserve energy. They are long-lasting LED light bulbs that can be managed and customized through voice controls – AKA your smart speaker. 

Through WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, you can tell your smart speaker (or a smartphone app) to turn on and off your lights. 

Many smart-lighting options even have motion detection, where the bulbs turn on or off when it detects motion. 

Some bulbs also change colors or “moods,” from bright to more relaxing or romantic.

6. Smart TV

Smart TVs nowadays are a must. Unlike older TVs, today’s TVs connect to the Internet, which means they also connect to all your favorite streaming apps – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. 

Many smart TVs include voice control options, so you can connect your smart TV to your smart speaker and tell it to play your favorite show or search for a specific YouTube video. 

Want to livestream something from your phone, such as a certain video you received via text or a workout app you’d like to access on the larger screen? You can “mirror” your smartphone content onto a smart TV. 

Definitely worth the purchase!

7. Smart plugs 

Smart plugs allow you to plug into outlets and power strips to connect to your home network through smartphone apps. 

Just by using a smart plug, you can transform your existing devices such as lights and fans to smart devices. Simply set up your smart plug, plug in a “dumb” device, and instantly make it intelligent by controlling it from your smartphone.

8. Smart pet cameras 

Ever wonder what your pet does while you’re at work? Or want to check in while you’re out of town? A smart pet camera allows you to see what your furry friend is doing in real-time with a camera that live streams to your smartphone. 

A lot of the smart pet cameras also allow you to do fun things like talk to your pet and even toss treats for them to enjoy. 

It’s worth the peace of mind to know that your sweet little friend is safe and sound. It’s also fun to spy on them and let them know you still love them while you’re away.

The new trends in homes 

Smart devices are rapidly growing. With so many people working from home, smart devices like these can play a massive role in a person’s day-to-day life. 

To learn more about trends in the 21st century home, or if you’re buying or selling your home, contact Betsy Phillips.

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