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Shopping for your next home can be an intimidating and emotionally taxing experience. Relieve the pressure by hiring a trusted and experienced real estate professional like Betsy Phillips, a North Shore native maintaining an impressive portfolio of properties throughout the city and suburbs of the Chicago area. 
A graduate of Lake Forest College, majoring in American Studies with a specialization in the history and development of American cities, she has cultivated an intense passion for Chicago's history, art, architecture, and most importantly, people. This experience only solidified her desire to become a real estate agent and has allowed her to expand her skill set, making her a Realtor® who works tirelessly with the utmost integrity. 
As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, Betsy provides a deft touch and an empathetic approach to client care. Armed with over 40 years of real estate experience––encompassing every facet of real estate from buying and selling to rehab and investment––she excels at recognizing what each person needs. From there, Betsy works effectively and efficiently to accomplish their goals through meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, active listening, and expert recommendations. 
Working with families is one of the highlights of her career because Betsy enjoys simplifying what can be a complex process and relieving families of significant stressors. As a mother herself, Betsy knows firsthand what a growing family is looking for in terms of neighborhoods, schools, shopping, and access to transportation. She especially enjoys working with clients who have college-aged children and are looking to purchase property that their kids can live in throughout their college years, an investment approach that she has found very beneficial for families. Her experiences and expertise have led her to be well aware of what attracts residents to downtown Chicago, too.
When you hire Betsy, you’re not just receiving a field expert with vast knowledge of the North Shore and its surrounding areas, but an empathetic professional who prides herself on being very responsive and accessible. She will go the extra mile to get the job done and simultaneously hold her client’s hand throughout every step of their real estate journey. She is extremely hard-working, friendly, and always puts the needs of her clients first in every aspect of the real estate process. Partnering with her will produce the results you need and deserve for your next home adventure.
Betsy currently resides on the North Shore. She is happily married with three kids and a proud grandmother to two grandchildren. In her free time, Betsy enjoys reading, yoga, and exercise. A proud dog lover and “foodie,” you’ll often catch Betsy sampling new restaurants and spending time with her beloved pets. As a Board Member for the DBR Chamber of Commerce, she enjoys being actively involved with her community. She is also a passionate philanthropist, regularly doing charitable work with Open Community in Evanston and housing advocates in Northern Cook County. Whenever she can, Betsy hosts events to support local food pantries.
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DBR Chamber of Commerce Certification

Promoting a closer relationship between business and the community is inherent in the DBR Chamber of Commerce's charter. The Chamber and its members are dedicated to making our villages the best possible place in which to live, shop and work. The Chamber is an advocate of business and serves as its voice in the community.

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Betsy is the Realtor® you can entrust this task to. Living in various parts of the North Shore throughout her adult life, she has rented, owned, and also invested in an array of real estate both in the city and suburbs of the Chicago area.

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